Google Ads Campaigns

Google Ads Campaigns

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Jumpstart conversions across all channels.

Retarget shoppers with personalized video ads.

Reach shoppers at scale with engaging video ads, generated on-demand to showcase your products across the web.

Continuously optimize with machine learning.

Generate an average of 13X return on ad spend. Our machine-learning technology works continuously to improve every campaign’s performance.

Help shoppers find products they haven't seen yet.

Up to 28% of purchases are products that weren’t previously viewed. Our engine can predict items of interest and show shoppers things they might like.

Grow your customer base.

Get maximum reach and premium visibility across web, mobile, and social, and across video and display inventory, through our direct relationships with thousands of publishers.

Connect with shoppers across screens.

Seamlessly connect with every shopper across devices, apps, and the web through insights from our pooled data and the 1.4 billion shoppers we see each month.

Tailor messages to be the most relevant.

Leverage dynamic remarketing to personalize every element of your ads and craft experiences that convert more shoppers into buyers. Also helps you deliver on-brand that drives performance.