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Unlock unprecedented growth with display ads, social, behavioral email, and actionable insights—Marketers from around the world have built both their businesses and careers with the HS Digital.

Facebook Dynamic Ads

Deliver the most relevant, personalized, and seamless brand experiences across all Facebook properties.   Our custom solution for Facebook Dynamic Ads, Active Elements, powered by using programmatic intelligence to overlay text and creative elements on top of product images. Current clients u...

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Increase Online Conversions

Grow brand relationships Give your brand partners and their agencies a self-service media offering that includes native and display ad formats and shopper targeting based on real-time shopping behavior. Brands can take advantage of SKU-level analytics, AI-driven optimization, and end-to-end campaig...

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Google Ads Campaigns

Jumpstart conversions across all channels. Retarget shoppers with personalized video ads. Reach shoppers at scale with engaging video ads, generated on-demand to showcase your products across the web. Continuously optimize with machine learning. Generate an average of 13X return on ad spend. ...

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About Us

Be it experiences, branding, marketing or content, we transform businesses through creativity, technology, and innovation! We create emotional experiences worth sharing.   Our vision is to make your vision come to life. For that to happen, we channel our collective energy into optimizing the various tools & technologies at our disposal and whipping up seamless online experiences that take you to the next level.   We don’t believe in pretense. People from all departments come together for strategy, creativity, and groundbreaking ideas. We design digital infrastructures to deliver solutions across all customer connection points, which will satisfy consumer needs and

Analytics & Technology

Transform more customers into active shoppers. Designed to perfect complement, Dynamic Retargeting and powered by the same market-leading machine learning, Audience Match is a flexible customer targeting solution that delivers high match rates. It enables you to accurately target and re-engage your customer base with dynamic paid display ads across the web, mobile browsers, and

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Why Hire A Digital Marketing Agency To Grow Your Business?

Digital marketing enables you to employ tried-and-tested strategies and approaches to attract not just more traffic, but highly focused traffic that produces impeccable results. Digital marketing is all about assuring your company’s longevity by targeting the appropriate people and delivering the correct outcomes. So hiring a digital marketing agency is the best decision you can […]

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How to Build a Personal Brand and Become a Celebrity CEO

Here’s a great example of the power of a celebrity CEO. When I ask people if they know the name of the CEO of Tesla, the vast majority of people correctly answer Elon Musk. I then ask people if they know the name of the CEO of Ford or the CEO of Toyota. I have […]

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How To Figure Out What Content Your Customer Avatar Wants

Have you sat at your desk for *way* too long, staring at a blank document trying to figure out what content you should create for your customer avatar? Been there—done that. We’ve also seen wayyyy to many business owners feel like content is an intimidating part of the marketing process. Here’s the thing… it’s only […]


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