Facebook Dynamic Ads

Facebook Dynamic Ads


Deliver the most relevant, personalized, and seamless brand experiences across all Facebook properties.


Our custom solution for Facebook Dynamic Ads, Active Elements, powered by using programmatic intelligence to overlay text and creative elements on top of product images. Current clients using Criteo Dynamic Retargeting on Facebook and Instagram see an average of 12% sales uplift across all their retargeting campaigns.



Achieve unmatched retargeting performance from your Facebook and Instagram Dynamic Ads. Criteo Dynamic Retargeting helps you gain a granular understanding of each shopper's complete web journey and real-time purchase intent, from mobile and in-app to desktop.


Dynamic Retargeting analyzes and understands an individual’s purchase intent across the entire shopping journey, including on Facebook and Instagram.


Dynamic Facebook ads dynamically assembled personalized product recommendations on Facebook & Instagram, driving an average of 28% of sales from products not viewed previously.