Performance Content

Performance Content


The proven way to get valuable shoppers back into your mobile app to buy.

Continuously learning from 1.4 billion shoppers a month, Criteo App Retargeting uses machine learning to entice each user with dynamic mobile ads from your entire product catalog — all optimized in real-time for individual purchase intent and browsing context.

Help shoppers find products they haven't yet seen.

Up to 28% of purchases are products that weren’t previously viewed. Our engine accurately predicts the best offers from across your entire catalogue.

Deliver a seamless experience

Ads directly deep-link shoppers to the most relevant product pages, driving a 3x increase in products browsed per user.

Drive in-app conversions

Drive more sales from your app. Personalized ads, delivered at just the right time and in the right format, brings app users back to complete purchases.

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