Linkedin Advertising

Linkedin Advertising

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LinkedIn Advertising Options

LinkedIn used to be extremely limited with its advertising options, leaving hardly any room for advertisers to really accomplish their goals. That has since changed and will continue to change throughout 2019, adding more freedom for advertisers.

Nowadays with LinkedIn ads, you get to create ads based on what you need to achieve.

Don’t worry, I won’t spend three paragraphs going over how you need to define your goals before you advertise. You already know what you need to achieve and have your goals in mind.

With that said, in order to successfully advertise on LinkedIn, your goal needs to be one of the following:


Brand awareness.
Website visits.
Video views.
Lead generation.
Website conversions.
Job applicants.

The most commonly used objectives with LinkedIn advertising is lead generation, job applications, and a safe-tie between video views and website visits.

Organic engagement on LinkedIn is already a deck dealt with just about everyone on LinkedIn.

Since LinkedIn’s algorithm isn’t as picky or finicky as Facebook’s, putting all of your budgets toward LinkedIn engagement ads may not be the best or most affordable bet for every business.


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Think of this like a promoted post. You’re promoting an article or post from your company page that appears in the LinkedIn feed.

These ads do have the highest CPC on average so proceed with caution and make sure the content you’re promoting is well thought out.


Text Ads
These are the tiny little ads you may or may not notice on the right side rail of a LinkedIn feed. Think Facebook Ads circa 2010.

Aside from the right column, these ads may appear underneath the “People You May Know” section. This is where text content can really make or break your ad conversions.

Test a few different strategies but really get to the point with these ads.


Sponsored InMail
This is a super fun way to spam someone’s LinkedIn inbox. But, when done properly, it can actually convert higher than any of the other LinkedIn ad options.

Because these ads need to come from a personal profile versus a branded business page, people feel less like they are being sold and more as they can actually communicate with a representative of the business.

Just please don’t copy and paste templates to me or any of your demographic. Make sure and make each InMail personal.


Video Ads
A bit self-explanatory here, but LinkedIn’s video ads help promote your videos to your ideal target market. You should be creating a ton of video content, it is 2019.

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