How To Figure Out What Content Your Customer Avatar Wants

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How To Figure Out What Content Your Customer Avatar Wants

Have you sat at your desk for *way* too long, staring at a blank document trying to figure out what content you should create for your customer avatar?

Been there—done that.

We’ve also seen wayyyy to many business owners feel like content is an intimidating part of the marketing process. Here’s the thing… it’s only intimidating when you don’t have a total grasp on your customer avatar. Once you know who your customer is, practically down to the brand of shirt they’re wearing, the content ideas are going to flow like a faucet.

That’s because your customer is constantly telling you what content they want you to create. You just have to learn to speak their language. This is how the Customer Avatar Worksheet came to life—as a solution to those blank documents and intimidating ideation meetings where nobody’s 100% sure that they’re publishing the right content, offer, or even product.

Using this worksheet, you can learn everything you need to about your customer avatar so you can create the content they want… and the conversions you were aiming for.